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Taco Catering

Why Spend So Much Money With Other Catering Services When You Can Choose Hang 10 Tacos?

Hang 10 Tacos is up there as one of the best catering services for all events in Los Angeles. We all know that eating out in LA can be very expensive and if you are looking to put on a special event at a local restaurant, prices can rise even higher. With food truck catering you has the perfect cost-effective alternative that will keep you well within budget.

Hang 10 Tacos at Your Workplace

If you want to keep things simple and supply food for your workforce then we can come along and park our food truck outside of your workplace. Your employees can take a break from work and come and grab some of the best tacos in Los Angeles before heading back for a productive afternoon. We can also come after work if you are holding a traditional office party.

Location, Location, Location

If you are planning a big work event and need an LA food truck to come along to your event then Hang 10 Tacos can come to you. We can work with your chosen venue to work out all of the details so do not stress about organizing every little detail; we can do that for you.

Hang out with Friends

If your event is an informal gathering of friends or a local community gets together, you can ask us to bring our bright blue LA food truck to your community location. Rather than splash out on a fancy restaurant, our tasty taco truck will serve you on the street or in a community venue. If you event is a small garden affair or a big family reunion, Hang 10 has you covered.

Choose your Budget

If you are planning an event the chances are that you have a budget in mind or that you are restricted to a budget if it is a work party. Instead of scrimping on quality or not ordering enough food as the catering prices are too high, just ask Hang 10 Tacos along to your event and out sample catering services that will stay within budget and provide enough food for your guests to eat long into the night. Food truck catering is very cheap and it will surprise you how much quality we can offer for the price that you pay.