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TV Commercial Prop Rental

The city of Los Angeles is where the LA food truck revolution began, with well-known food trucks such as Kogi and Lobsta truck paving the way for innovative vendors to serve their food to the masses.If you are in the business of event planning you will be aware of the demand for food truck Los Angeles companies to attend the biggest parties that the city hosts. As well as providing catering for parties and events, food trucks are now in demand as TV commercial props and film production companies are using them as a backdrop for new movies.

Hang 10 Tacos is an experienced film and production catering company with innovative style and state of the art equipment. We have worked on numerous TV and film productions as well as commercials and high-profile photo shoots. Our team of Chefs are current on the changing food trends for actors and crew. We give the best quality product while still maintaining the production budget. We are a local company growing with the local film industry.

With our collection of restaurants, themed food trucks trucks, a full-service studio and luxury events catering company Hang 10 Tacos have great food and great customer service at the heart of everything we do. Our main initiative is to bring authentic Mexican cooking and fresh Californian ingredients to out food loving fans in Los Angeles and beyond. Hang 10 Tacos is your classic food truck catering infused with plenty of creativity

Hang 10 Tacos food truck Los Angeles are available to hire just as they are if you simply need a prop or background set rental or we can actually cook on set for full effect. Our food trucks have been used on film sets, TV commercials, as a way to serve home-made food at private parties, as well as being taken around LA serving bespoke street food dishes to private parties.

If you are in the middle of event planning or organizing a film production, get in touch for more information on hiring our trucks you can contact Hang 10 Tacos on Telephone: 855-5-Hang-10 or email us to discuss details on: info@hang10tacos.com