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Truck Rental For Filming

Truck Rental For Filming With Hang 10 Tacos

Attractive Truck Rental for Filming

Los Angeles is synonymous with great tasting street food and the funky food trucks that line the streets of the city showcases some of the best talent that the city’s catering scene has to offer. For production companies that want to reflect true LA life, they are constantly looking for the coolest truck in town. Hang 10 Taco’s bright blue truck is certainly one that stands out and that will be recognized as one of the best food trucks in the city.

We can offer packages that include the food truck only or we can offer food for props too—whatever your truck rental for filming needs we can look to accommodate. Truck hire can be arranged on a daily or weekly basis and long-term hire can be arranged in advance. We want to help you out as much as possible and will offer a bespoke service so that all of your needs are covered.

An Oscar Worthy Performance

When it comes to providing a first class service to customers Hang 10 Tacos is the bets. Food truck rental for filming is very much in demand in LA and there are plenty of companies to choose from. While some trucks may look great or offer cheap prices, when it comes to providing an effective and efficient service, we are second to none. With many years of experience in the Hollywood catering industry, we are well aware of the demands on set for film and TV producers.

Our family-run business wants to be the best it can be and we have carefully listened to feedback from all of our past clients so that we can now offer a service that is worthy of an oscar!

To book your truck rental for filming with Hang 10 Tacos today, give one of our friendly team members a call today and we can get you booked in—you won’t forget it.