The “Great American Food Truck Race” Rolls Into Season Four

Its season four for the Food Network’s “Great American Food Truck Race,” a reality TV show that features eight ambitious cooking teams competing to win a new food truck.

With Chef Tyler Florence again hosting the show, the teams will cover more than 4,000 miles between Hollywood and Washington, D.C., preparing dishes with non-traditional ingredients and trying to attract fans in every location.

This year’s teams include two from the LA-area: Aloha Plate, which also operates in Hawaii, and Bowled and Beautiful. To be considered for the show, each team submitted a demo tape that featured team members cooking and detailing about their foodservice dreams. Finalists are given a truck to use and must operate on a limited budget during the competition.

As “Great American Food Truck Race” demonstrates, operating a successful food truck business isn’t easy and serving delicious food to hundreds of people day in and day out is a big challenge. In addition to entertaining viewers, the show is educational because it gives potential food truck owners tips on starting a food truck business and making it profitable.

Thankfully, Southern California has plenty of experienced food truck operators, and many are veterans when it comes to serving street food and catering events both large and small. The next time you need an experienced food truck team to race over to your party, business event, trade show, wedding or grand opening celebration, give one of these gourmet food trucks a call.

  • The Hungry Nomad offers popular dishes that combine California cuisine just a hint of American, Mediterranean and European cooking. Call The Hungry Nomad 877-NOMAD-10.
  • Greenz on Wheelz is a giant green truck specializing in fresh sandwiches and crisp salads. Dial Greenz on Wheelz at855-6Greenz.
  • Hang 10 Tacos is famous for tremendous tacos made from fresh ingredients. The blue taco truck will serve you on the street or cater at your home or office. Reach the Hang 10 Tacos team at 855-5-Hang-10.

Want to revise the menu to suit your personal preferences? No problem. Each of these food trucks can customize a menu exclusively for you.