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Food Trucks Serve Up Catered Satisfaction

 Creative entrepreneurs have built mobile restaurants in Air Stream trailers, big trucks, converted vans and even electric cars. Some feature simple menus of hot dogs and fries, and others are serving up more creative offerings, such as blue cheese steak sandwiches and fattoush salad. When these different food trucks come together in one area, they […]

Food Truck Promotions Are Number 1 With Marketing Pros

 Food trucks do a lot more than feed people where they live and work. Some drive marketing promotions by showcasing new products and services. This may involve a custom truck wrap or graphic to make the vehicle more appealing to the promotion’s target audience. A colourful, vinyl wrap turns the food truck into a roaming […]

Why Food Truck Businesses Fail

It seems impossible in this day and age that a new food truck on the street could fail. Food trucks are everywhere, and foodies love them. But there is a lot more to operating a food truck than cooking up great meals and taking your customers’ money. If you dream of being food truck owner, […]

It’s Easy To Host A Successful Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is an easy and economical party to throw when you want to entertain a large group of people at one time. Here’s how to make it look easy: Determine the date, time and location. Most cocktail parties are held in the evening and run no more than three hours. Choose your venue […]