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Have Fun Making Tacos At Your Wedding

If the thought of making your own food at on your wedding day sounds a little crazy, stay with us, you are going to like this idea! Happy couples continue to look for ways to inject a little fun into their wedding day, rather than simply sticking to tradition. Food truck catering in Los Angeles […]

Taco Bar Catering

Taco Bar Catering

Taco bar catering is very popular in Los Angeles and we at Hang 10 Tacos likes to believe that we are the best in the business. We would love to come along to your next event so give us a call today. If you are planning a food truck wedding Los Angeles and are wanting to […]

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Production Prop Rental

Food truck catering is popular all around the world with Los Angeles leading the way when it comes to street food. In LA as well as for trucks being prevalent on the streets of the city, they are seen at parties and events too.Hollywood caterers are increasingly looking to work with food truck vendors in […]

Taco Catering

Have Fun Taco Catering In Your Home

Hang 10 Tacos should be your first port of call if you are in LA and fancy Mexican food as our taco catering truck is packed full of tasty ingredients. If you like to hold your parties at home rather than paying out for expensive venues, you may want to think about food truck catering […]

Taco Truck Catering

Food Truck Consulting

If you are in the event planning industry and you are looking to add food truck consulting vendors to your books, it may be worth chatting to a food truck consultant so that you have the full process covered and you are not left exposed. Most LA food trucks are very affordable so you have time […]

Food Truck Promos

Taco Bar Catering

From weddings, birthday parties, corporate events to family gatherings and garden parties, Hang 10 Tacos taco bar catering in Los Angeles will add spice to your event to make it feel special. Our creative récipes can be served directly from our food truck or we can take the food to the tables at your event, whatever […]

Corporate Events Service

Movie Production Food Truck Rental

If you have ever watched a movie in which there are lots of scenes in Los Angeles you will have spotted a food cart or two—well a lot more than two. The LA food truck scene is gong from strength to strength and the city is such a vibrant place to live in and eat […]

Taco Bar Catering

Food Truck Production Prop Rental Los Angeles

If you are looking for the best food truck in LA for a prop on your next production, look no further than Hang 10 Tacos. We are an experienced catering business that can provide a food truck to use for your set and edible food if you need shots of people eating street food. Food […]