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Food Trucks Take To The Silver Screen

Among the most important people on any movie, video or production set are those who cook and serve food to the hard-working crew. Union regulations require that hot food be provided at certain intervals every day, so the timing and experience of the food provider and the quality and freshness of the food is critical. […]

FOX Kicks Off Brooklyn Nine-Nine With Food Truck Promotion

When the Los Angeles FOX TV station wanted to promote its new detective show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it called on a food truck for help The truck, owned by Los Angeles restaurateur Michael Mikhail, was wrapped in a bright, vinyl graphic that featured photos of the TV show’s stars. In two days in the LA community, […]

The Newest Movie Star Is The Food Truck

For years, food trucks have starred on street corners nationwide, and many food trucks cater everything from charity galas and society weddings to movie productions and video shoots. But now food trucks are moving in front of the TV and movie cameras to become a visible part of today’s entertainment industry. Food trucks are an […]