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New Trends In Food Truck Cuisine

Subject matter experts at Food Network Kitchens predict more good times for food truck cuisine this year, thanks to daring foodies who will sample most anything from burning-hot pepper dishes to revised versions of comfort food. According to one Food Network executive, today’s diners want local ingredients, fresher veggies and healthier choices, and they’ve become […]

Eight Valuable Things Food Trucks Will Do For You

Food trucks are on the street in busy urban streets, at rock festivals and sporting events, at weddings and business meetings and even in suburban and rural neighborhoods. Food trucks are the latest, greatest way to enjoy a meal or a delicious snack. The LA area is home to hundreds of these rolling restaurants, and […]

Salad Food Trucks: Rolling Down The Road With Healthy Cuisine

At one time, a truck serving eat-on-the-street food was either an ice cream van or a “roach coach” offering stale sandwiches and flat soft drinks. Consumers were often skeptical of these vendors and their products. But the meals-on-wheels concept has changed completely, thanks to a new generation of food trucks and the demand for quality […]