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The Number One Answer To Professional Catering: Food Trucks

If you need the freshest food for your customers, employees, tenants, wedding guests, convention-goers or workshop attendees, look no further than a gourmet food truck. Food truck operators are famous for whipping up tasty lunches and divine dinners for people to eat on the street, and many have experience catering fresh, hot food for large […]

Food Truck Becomes An Independent Film’s Main Movie Set

Finally, food truck has made it to the silver screen as the main set for a new independent film called “Free Samples.” Shot in Austin, Texas, “Free Samples” tells the story of Jillian (Jess Weixler from the TV series The Good Wife), a Stanford law school dropout, who agrees to fill in for her friend […]

Schedule A Food Truck For Your Movie Or TV Set

Every movie or TV production needs both actors and crew members. But among the most important contributors to any movie production is the catering team that serves food, follows union guidelines and makes sure everyone on the set is happy, healthy and ready to work. Unfortunately, many caterers are unfamiliar with union regulations required on […]

The Newest Movie Star Is The Food Truck

For years, food trucks have starred on street corners nationwide, and many food trucks cater everything from charity galas and society weddings to movie productions and video shoots. But now food trucks are moving in front of the TV and movie cameras to become a visible part of today’s entertainment industry. Food trucks are an […]