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What Would You Change About L.A. Food Trucks?

At first glance, there aren’t many complaints about when it comes to LA food trucks. They are everywhere (LA has more than 6,000), and most serve delicious food. In fact, many create their own unique recipes and have fans following them on social media. But it’s not a perfect world, and issues sometimes exist. Dawdling […]

How to Find the Best Taco Trucks In LA

Tacos have been an important part of the food truck menu since the ‘60s when the early loncheras fed the residents of Mexican-American neighborhoods on LA’s Eastside. It’s hard to say “no thanks” to even a basic taco if it’s made from fresh, quality ingredients. But how can you find the best taco when you’re […]

New Trends In Food Truck Cuisine

Subject matter experts at Food Network Kitchens predict more good times for food truck cuisine this year, thanks to daring foodies who will sample most anything from burning-hot pepper dishes to revised versions of comfort food. According to one Food Network executive, today’s diners want local ingredients, fresher veggies and healthier choices, and they’ve become […]