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Hire A Food Truck As A Prop For Your Next Movie Or TV Show

Everyone has seen gourmet trucks on busy street corners, at food festivals and rock concerts and sometimes even catering weddings, parties and business meetings. Now food trucks are being rented by movies and TV shows as part of the set’s background or as a key prop in the storyline. Since food trucks are an important […]

Hire A Food Truck ; Throw A Party

Invite a gourmet food truck to your next party. Experienced food truck caterers can create and serve everything from cold appetizers to a multi-course meal. In fact, many Southern California food trucks are in such great demand for professional catering, that they must limit on-the-street service. If you’ve never hired a caterer before, here are […]

It’s Easy To Host A Successful Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is an easy and economical party to throw when you want to entertain a large group of people at one time. Here’s how to make it look easy: Determine the date, time and location. Most cocktail parties are held in the evening and run no more than three hours. Choose your venue […]