So You Want To Own A Food Truck…

Eating at food trucks is so much fun that many people with a talent for cooking think they’d like to get into the business themselves. A rapidly growing new industry, the food truck business has many success stories … and plenty of failures. Here are some myths that you must reject before jumping into the business.

Operating a food truck is a piece of cake: Forget it. To be a food truck success story, you must have the necessary knowledge, adequate capital, work hard for long hours and be prepared for many challenges.

 Food trucks can make you rich: You can generate a good income with a food truck, but realize that you’ll have ample expenses beyond the cost of your truck. This includes staff salaries, food and ingredients, fuel, insurance and more.

All you need to know to open a food truck is how to cook: There is much more to running a food truck than simply providing great food. You must be a business manager, a human resources executive, a customer service guru and a marketing genus. You must know about the food truck regulations where you plan to operate and be well versed in food preparation, health and sanitation.

Owning a food truck is cheaper than opening a restaurant.

That’s true. But a food truck owner still pays for local licenses and permits, food and hired help. In some areas, food trucks rent the location where they park do business.

Food trucks don’t have the regulations that restaurants do.

Actually, food trucks must abide by the same regulations and submit to health inspections just like restaurants. A food truck that receives a bad report from health authorities may be shut down.

How can you learn the secrets of the food truck business before you make the big leap to the industry? Get adopted by an experienced food truck professional and absorb what that operator knows. If you don’t have a friend or family member already in the business, turn to Mike Mikhail, owner of a fleet of Los Angeles food trucks.

Mikhail provides consulting services to new and potential food truck owners, ensuring that they are prepared to deal with the many issues that confront food truck operations. To reach Mikhail and discuss his services, phone one of his food truck operations: