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Production Prop Rental

Walk onto any movie set in Los Angeles and you are bound to see dozens of food trucks, whether they are there as a prop or to serve up tasty street food to the cast and crew. With so much demand for street food in LA, it is easy to see why production companies see the need to have them on set. You can find food trucks on TV and movie sets and photo shoots all around the city and the chances are that you will spot your favorite food truck vendor from time to time.

You only need to take a look at the popular Jon Favreau movie Chef to see how that movie heavily relies on food trucks for props and how colorful the film looks. Chef is filmed in Austin Texas, another place that has a high population of food trucks to feed hungry residents and tourists. By hiring an LA food truck, you can get create the same ambiance as Chef in that it will accurately reflect the city that it is filmed in.

If you are part of a production company and are wanting to hire a food truck prop then you just need to look at one of the food truck finder apps to see what truck would suit your movie best. Once you have found the truck that you want for your film set, you can simply speak to the vendor to discuss your needs and you will be shooting away in no time. Food truck catering in Los Angeles is so easy and efficient so there is no need to worry about lots of fussing about to get a truck on set. You just need to decide where you want a food truck prop to be stationed and the vendor can do the rest.

Hang 10 Tacos LA food truck is a colorful food truck owned by LA resident Michael Mikhail and it will take pride of place on any current TV or movie set. Hang 10 Tacos can simply allow you to use the vibrant blue van as a prop or, if you need shots of characters eating, you can ask for food to be provided also. While you are there, you may as well serve up food truck catering in Los Angeles to the cast and crew to keep them happy.

All of Hang 10 Tacos staff are experienced in delivering high-quality customer service with a smile

and they are used to serving up food at large events. You can rely on a good quality food truck to bring your movie to life and ensure that your set is oscar worthy—right down to the tasty tacos that your cast are seen to be eating.