Food Trucks Are Your Buffet On The Street

Once a dining novelty, food trucks have gone mainstream. Today, most cities have several food trucks on the road, with major metropolitan areas, such as LA, boasting of hundreds. Entrepreneurs with creative ideas and a desire to serve the public have constructed mobile bistros out of Air Stream trailers, converted vans and custom-built vehicles, including […]

Hire A Food Truck Caterer For Your Next Video Or Photo Shoot

A Hang 10 Tacos food truck deserves pride of place in TV commercials and film productions, with its bright blue exterior drawing in the crowds. Whether you need to hire a food truck for prop for a TV commercial or need authentic Mexican food serving up to your characters, we can provide a bespoke service […]

Food Trucks Creates Great Cuisine for Catered Events

Want to impress everyone at your next party while you make life easy on yourself? Hire a food truck. Gourmet food trucks serve a wide variety of delicious foods. Having a food truck at your next event is convenient, and you can actually see your chef doing the cooking. Orange County is the home of […]

Food Trucks For Rent

Food trucks are rolling kitchens that specialize in serving hot or cold meals anywhere – even in remote locations. Combining commercial equipment with an experienced, hard-working crew, food trucks can serve thousands of people a day without compromising quality, sanitation or customer service. But you don’t have to own a food truck to operate one. […]

Let A Food Truck Cater Your Next Event

The food truck phenomenon is has grown so quickly and become so popular that it is verging on mainstream. Today, food trucks are found inside trailers, trucks, converted vans and even custom-made electric cars. Some sell familiar foods, such as hamburgers and fries, while others introduce new and exotic cuisines to the masses. When food […]

Food Trucks Are Holiday Helpers At Party Time

Give yourself a holiday when you throw your next holiday party. Call on a gourmet food trucks to help manage every aspect of your event. Here are ways a food truck caterer can make your festivities more enjoyable for everyone: Serving delicious food – This one is obvious. A gourmet food truck crew will whip […]

Eating Food Truck Food Sounds Great At Music Festivals And Concerts

Food truck aren’t  just for serving street food. Today, you’ll find gourmet food trucks catering wedding receptions, conventions, trade shows and business meetings. But they are especially popular at music festivals and concerts, feeding large crowds of people who crave the most current trends in dining. Food trucks are convenient. They can provide turn-key catering […]

Hot Dogs Star On the All-American Menu

Hot dogs are all American. They go with baseball, picnics, swimming pools and smoking grills. Born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1484, the simple hot dog made its way to the United States where it is now celebrated with its own National Hot Dog Month every July. That’s appropriate since Americans consume about 150 million wieners […]

Lobster Is Turning Up On Food Truck Menus

Lobster is usually considered a delicacy to be served at special occasions only. But nutrition gurus say lobster should be consumed more often because it is such a healthy meat. Tasty and lean, lobster provides the body with much-needed protein – about 20 grams in a 3-ounce serving. Urban dwellers in some areas of the […]