Plan A Class Reunion With Lessons From Your Local Food Truck

It’s been said that no one ever gets over high school. Whether or not that is true, many people still enjoy getting together with former classmates for years after they received their diplomas.

With some to careful planning and the help of local food trucks, it’s easy to put together a great class reunion. Here are basic steps for making it happen:

 Form a class reunion committee. Select participants who will work hard and stick with the project until the event is over and the bills are paid. Divide the work load among committee members. Be sure to appoint a trustworthy and financially savvy person to manage the reunion’s financial requirements.

Start planning your reunion 10-12 months before the actual date. Choosing a convenient location is important, and many facilities or public buildings require reservations far in advance. Send out a save-the-day email/postcard as soon as you know the date and location. Former classmates who have moved away may need additional time to make travel plans.

Establish a reasonable budget.  Determine the activities and meals that will be offered and the price you’ll charge in order to cover your expenses.

Meet with the committee monthly to discuss your accomplishments and “To Do” list. Face-to-face meetings are best, but you may choose occasional conference calls for convenience sake. Make assignments and take notes to distribute to committee members afterwards.

Choose party music that was big when you were in school. Everyone will feel nostalgic.

Ensure that you have delectable food for everyone. Buffet dining is often easier to manage – and less expensive – than servers delivering plated meals to seated diners. Select familiar foods, such as chicken, sandwiches or tacos, and be sure to offer a vegetarian option. You were cool in high school, right? Well, cool dining today includes gourmet food trucks with a range of delicious food options. Every major metropolitan area has many to choose from, and by arranging to have several at the event, you’ll be able to offer reunion guests a selection of mix and match cuisines.

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