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Food Truck On Road

Photo Shoot Prop Rental Food Truck

Food trucks are as popular as ever in Los Angeles with more and more vendors popping up each day. The wild popularity of LA food truck means that as well as hungry workers heading to a food truck at lunch time, there are many event planners seeking out the best food truck in LA. Street food is so popular that they are even taking over the wedding catering industry.

The reason why food trucks are so popular is that they can head to places that a traditional caterer cannot—eating on the go, flexible locations, low cost prices and an ability to change menus frequently due to low overheads. With such a demand for food trucks, it is no wonder that Hang 10 Tacos is busy feeding the LA masses.

Food Truck Props for Photo Shoots

Hang 10 Tacos is one of the best food truck in LA and our truck is available to hire for corporate and private events across the city. If you are planning a photo shoot and need a food truck as a prop then we can arrange an empty truck that you can hire. If your photo shoot needs Mexican food as part of your story then we can arrange for some of our traditional tacos and Mexican favorites to be served up.

One area in which we are seeing demand for food trucks in pre-wedding photo shoots in which couple hang out and have lots of fun eating our food and getting shots taken outside of our funky blue van—we love how creative couples can be.

The best thing about having a Hang 10 Taco LA food truck on site is that you can also take the option to cater for the cast and crew of your photo shoot if you are providing catering. Whatever your needs, Hang 10 Tacos can offer a bespoke package that meets all of your needs.

If you have ever spotted a cool food truck in a glossy magazine photo shoot or caught site of awesome looking street food on NCIS: Los Angeles you will understand the appeal of food truck catering.