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New Trends In Food Truck Cuisine

Subject matter experts at Food Network Kitchens predict more good times for food truck cuisine this year, thanks to daring foodies who will sample most anything from burning-hot pepper dishes to revised versions of comfort food.

According to one Food Network executive, today’s diners want local ingredients, fresher veggies and healthier choices, and they’ve become more comfortable with unconventional recipes and spicier offerings. And if they’re going to eat, they’ll eat the best, which is why gourmet food trucks keep attracting food lovers, whether serving them at a festival, on the street during a lunch break or at a catered party or wedding reception.

No doubt sizzling burgers and fried potatoes will be favorites forever, but there’s a place on the food truck menu for healthy organic produce, such as kale and chickpeas. Better-for-you dishes now include seaweed, kefir, tofu and wheat germ. Millennials, those consumers born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, are committed to healthy eating and seek fresh salads and juices whether dining at home or sampling food truck fare.

Thanks to a greater focus on vegetable consumption, Food Network expects veggies to appear in both desserts and cocktails. Already, some restaurants are offering barbequed carrots and squash, flourless chocolate cake made with beets and smoothies featuring avocado. Plus, kale chips are receiving raves from health-conscious consumers.

As for comfort food, casseroles, stews and pies are big nationwide, but often boast a regional flare. But that doesn’t mean the end of exotic offerings. The Food Network predicts plenty of opportunities to offer global foods to food truck customers, including fried meats, such as squid; dried sausage from China; crispy pig ears, and chicken wings with fish-sauce. If it’s different but tasty, consumers will give it a try

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