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Movie Production Food Truck Rental

The site of food trucks in Los Angeles is a very common one these days, as they line the beaches, concert hall destinations, workplaces and colleges and the busiest streets in the city.  Not content with lining there streets of the city, food trucks are now entering the world of food catering—whether it be for corporate parties, weddings, birthday parties or on TV and movie sets.

It is true that food truck vendors are gaining star status in their own right as brightly colored trucks crop up in TV shows and films as directors look to add a hip and fresh look to their productions. It could be that a food truck is hidden in the background of a street shot or it could take center stage in films such as Chef or Burn in which food is the one of the major themes of the story—either way they look great.

If you are looking for the best food truck is LA then Hang 10 Tacos is right up their with the best food services in the city. Hang 10 Tacos is one of LA’s premiere bespoke catering companies that can provide a food truck for your movie or TV set to give your production an authentic feel. Understanding the food service needs of production and handling the cast and crew and that you can rest assured that we can do professionally. Just think how great one of our bright blue trucks will look on your set—it certainly will add a splash of life to your movie set. Hang 10 Tacos have a large following of food lovers who cannot get enough of our tasty tacos made from the top of the range ingredients, such as steak, shrimp, fish, chicken and pork—now our movie can get in on the action too.

If you want more than just a prop for your TV set we can provide a food truck catering in Los Angeles that can serve meals to the people working on set. If you are shooting outside quite a lot, you can save time by having a food truck nearby to feed the hungry cast and crew in-between filming sessions. Whether you need snacks, wraps, salads or substantial Mexican based meals, Hang 10 Tacos can serve up high-quality food for you. We are proud to have strong relationships with local food producers and we aim to serve the authentic ingredients that are fresh and full of flavor—that is why we are the best food truck in LA. Let us build a relationship with you and your production company and we promise that you will receive an oscar worthy performance from our food truck.