Launch Your Product With A Food Truck Promotion

Got a great new food product or other item that you want shoppers to know about? Take your message to the streets by renting a food truck.

Top food trucks have what it takes to prepare, store and sample your product, and because they are mobile, they can reach your potential customer in almost any area of any city. They can attend festivals and events, allowing you to distribute product samples and directly interact with potential customers.

Call more attention to your product by covering the food truck in a colorful, vinyl wrap featuring your brand name and logo. Use all or part of the truck’s exterior surface. The wrap turns a food truck into a can’t-miss billboard that will be seen wherever it travels or whenever it parks. According to an American Trucking Association survey, more than 90% of respondents said that they definitely notice vehicle graphics.

LA-based food truck owner Michael Mikhail has helped advertise everything from TV shows to food and soda products. Recently, one of Mikhail’s food trucks was wrapped in a vinyl skin to promote Doomsday Preppers, the National Geographic TV series about Americans who obcessively prepare for national emergencies. His company’s food trucks also distribute beverages and food samples aimed at specific demographics.

“There are several ways of doing this,” Mikhail explained. “We are very flexible and can provide our clients with a wide range of options at different prices.”

Whether you are planning a month-long national ad campaign or a one-day local sampling event, a food truck will put you in touch with the public and help sell your product. “My staff has extensive experience in this field,” he said. “We know how to make a positive connection with the consumer.”

Incorporating a food truck into your promotion costs less than you think. To learn more, contact one of these top food trucks: The Hungry Nomad at877-NOMAD-10, Hang 10 Tacos at855-5-Hang-10 or Greenz on Wheelz, the best salad truck, at 855-6Greenz.

And when you want the Number One food truck caterer, contact Mikhail the favorite food truck meals on the street. He can arrange for the freshest sandwiches, wraps and salads on wheels to appear at your specified location. And if you want a five-course dinner for 400, he can pull that off too. Give him a call.

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