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LA Food Trucks — How To Eat Out On A Budget

If you are in charge of booking work events and want to offer something a little different in terms of the catering, have you considered an LA food trucks? LA continues to lead the way in the food truck industry, with some of the hippest food joints in the world found along the streets of the city. A food truck parked outside of your work event will certainly give your employees that wow factor that every event host hopes to achieve.

Eating out at a restaurant of cafe can be very enjoyable—it is a time to hang out with friends and family without having to cook or wash the dishes. Of course, eating out also gives you the chance to taste new dishes that you would not cook at home and it has a general sense of indulgence when you fancy a treat. However eating out can be expensive and at times when we need to tighten our purse strings eating out may not be an option. However, do not give up straight away as we take a look at how food trucks in Los Angeles can help you eat out on a budget.

Eat out at lunch time

If you know that you usually eat less at lunch-time than you would dinner time, head to Hang 10 Tacos for a fun-filled taco that will brighten up your lunch hour and leave you in a good mood for the rest of the day. You may just spend a little bit more than you would on your lunch, but you will be surprised at the very good value for money LA food trucks have to offer.

Share with friends

Eating out on your own is not a lot of fun, so take a few friends along with you and share a few menus of the best food truck in LA—Hang 10 Tacos. There are plenty of menu updates on a regular basis and rather than have to choose just one dish, you and your friends can order a selection and share so there is no waste.

Get Social

LA food trucks are very popular on social media and have very effective marketing strategies to attract new customers and have old favorites returning. With this come lots of special offers, menu specials and competitions to get you tasting some of the best street food in LA.

Set a date

If you cannot afford to eat out at an LA food truck every week, just choose the dates that are most important to you—day the last weekend of the month—as a little treat.