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Hang 10 Tacos

It’s Party Time With Hang 10 Tacos Taco Bar Catering

Are you fed up of attending the same old birthday party? Do you want to have your party guests talking about your special event for weeks? If you are shouting YES then you need to hire the best food truck in LA for a full taco bar catering experience. Tacos are loved by almost everyone we know and if people say they do not like them then they have not tried Hang 10 Tacos!

Hang 10 Tacos are a Los Angeles catering business that brings tasty Mexican food to the streets of LA. We have many loyal customers who return day after day and recommend our tasty tacos to their friends. We pride ourselves on bringing authentic street food to the city’s foodies and have started to bring food truck catering to the world of parties, events, and weddings in the city.

Taco bar catering is a fun way to inject a bit of fun into your special event as it allows people to get a taste of street food from around the world without having to go and look for it. People will love tasting new dishes and sampling some of the best Los Angeles catering in the city that will give traditional event catering a run for its money. If you don’t want stale sandwiches or boring salads at your big event, give Hang 10 Tacos a call and design a bespoke menu that will suit your special event.

With taco car catering your guests can choose what they want and when to eat it. We will supply you with an array of meats, toppings, salads, tacos, and dressings for your guests to build their tacos just the way they like it. This freedom to choose makes Hang 10 Tacos the best food truck in LA, along with the fact that we choose high-quality ingredients and spend a lot of time perfecting our menu.

Say no to traditional catering services and say hello to Hang 10 Tacos today if you really want to spice up your life.