It’s Easy To Host A Successful Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is an easy and economical party to throw when you want to entertain a large group of people at one time. Here’s how to make it look easy:

Determine the date, time and location. Most cocktail parties are held in the evening and run no more than three hours. Choose your venue and ensure that the location has adequate parking. Let guests know your start and end times.

Make a guest list. Invite your favorite people and then throw in interesting extras: the neighbors you’ve only met once, the new guy at your office, the couple you met at a cooking class last month. New people make every gathering more interesting. Having slightly too many people for your party space will force people to get close and talk.

 Decide on refreshments. Obviously, guests can’t drink for a couple of hours without consuming some filling munchies. Go with non-messy finger foods, such as mini-quiches, bruschetta, bite-size pizzas with yummy toppings, upscale cheeses and nuts. Select a signature beverage (margarita?) and have a couple of pitchers made up ahead of time. Don’t forget to have wine, beer and bottled water on hand.

Have plenty of ice. Running out of ice will cool your party atmosphere. Buy plenty and store it in out-of-the-way ice chests if your freezer is full.

Select the party attire. Select a look for your cocktail party and notify guests when you invite them. Genuine cocktail attire – dresses for the ladies and sport coats for the men – will jazz up the atmosphere and give it a sophisticated feel. But you can also go casual and still have a great time.

Play appropriate background music. If you don’t have suitable CDs or downloaded songs, borrow some from friends. Don’t play anything so loud that it drowns out the conversation.

And a word about designated drivers. If a guest consumes too much alcohol, be sure he or she goes home in taxi or hitches a ride with a sober friend.

Do you prefer the party over the party planning? Almost everyone does.Make it easy on yourself by hiring a gourmet food truck to cater delicious food, serve adult beverages, arrive with plenty of ice and make everything run smoothly. Best of all, a food truck is a rolling restaurant and won’t mess up your own kitchen.

Three Southern California food trucks with cocktail party experience are The Hungry Nomad (877-NOMAD-10), Greenz on Wheelz (855-6Greenz)or Hang 10 Tacos (855-5-Hang-10). These food truck crews know how to make every event extra special. We can do cocktail buffets, arrive with sandwiches and salads on wheels or create the exact party menu you want. Phone us to discuss your cocktail party ideas. Cheers!