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Taco Bar Wedding

Invite Hang 10 Tacos To Enjoy A Taco Bar Wedding

If you and your spouse to be have been trying hard to come to an agreement on your wedding catering, a call to Hang 10 Tacos may just make things a lot clearer for you. Forget hiring standard LA caterers and entertainment and look to what is hip and trendy in LA at the moment.

Food Truck Weddings

LA food trucks are a popular site across Los Angeles as they serve up some of the freshest and most innovate food in the city. Food trucks are inexpensive and are proving to be a cost-effective choice for those finding traditional catering too expensive.

Why Hire a Food Truck Catering?

Taco bar weddings are becoming more and more popular as they are fun and adventurous, but and are sure to get the party going. Wedding planners can work with truck vendors to create a bespoke menu that has something to suit all tastes, ranging from exotic salads to classic US dishes. Tacos are fun and tasty and are a great option for couples who want to let their guests build their own meal.

Once you have your mind set on a food truck for your wedding catering Los Angeles, you can sit back and let Hang 10 Tacos sort out the details for you. We can arrange everything from the food that we serve up to the seating arrangements and napkins, if you need us to. We can work in very small places and are experienced in catering for large events.

A Taco Bar Wedding is Oodles of Fun

The ingredients used in taco bar wedding catering packages is always fresh and authentic so you do not have to worry about your food not hitting the spot with your guests. A taco bar wedding not only looks great for photographs, they bring a relaxed and fun atmosphere to the event and the overall cost will delight you just as much as the taste of the food.