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How To Rev Up Your Own Food Truck Operation

If you have above-average cooking skills, a business-oriented mindset and a strong work ethic, a food truck business may be right up your alley. What would it take to launch yourself into the wild and wooly world of food trucks? Check out these requirements:

Funds: Every business has start-up costs. A custom-built food truck can easily run $70,000 when purchased new, and many can run twice that much. Used trucks cost less, but before going any further, figure out how much money you’ll need for your truck and other start-up expenses. You will need to purchase ingredients, permits for the cities where you plan to operate and insurance. You will need to be able to pay any employees you hire, and you’ll also need an emergency fund the inevitable rainy days.

Concept: Your concept includes your menu, a consistent look and theme for your food truck and probably a truck wrap or custom paint job. Promoting your food truck is simplified when your concept is creative and coordinated.

Hard Work: Food trucks look like lots of fun to operate, and they are. You get to cook, talk to customers and roam your favorite cities. But the food-truck industry is demanding and competitive. Many food truck operators spend three or four hours each morning preparing for a busy day. Plus, you must scope out the best and busiest locations for serving customers and keep fans updated via social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Knowledge: In every city, you’ll find different health regulations and parking restrictions for food trucks. Lack of knowledge is no excuse of violating these laws, and you must abide by the regulations in each community you serve. If you don’t, you might spend some of your business funds on fines and even find yourself shut out of a good market.

Communication: You must know something about using social media to let customers know your daily location and current menu. That is one of the many non-food jobs every food truck operator must manage.

For novice food truck operators, an experienced consultant is a valuable investment. Food entrepreneur Mike Mikhail owns restaurants and some of the top food trucks in Los Angeles. In addition, he serves as food truck consultant to both fledgling and experienced operators, helping them better understand the industry. His extensive experience and advice can help newbies avoid costly food truck gaffes. To discuss his consulting services, contact Mikhail at one of his famous food trucks.

Keep those phone numbers handy in case you need a quality caterer. Whether its sandwiches, salads, tacos or wraps or even a sit-down dinner for 400, Mikhail’s gourmet food trucks can provide you with first-class service and scrumptious food.