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How To Have A Stylish Food Truck Wedding

Food truck wedding are increasingly adding food truck catering in Los Angeles to their list of offering when it comes to food choices. Young brides and grooms are searching for a fresh look to their wedding, which is helped by great food, vibrant waiting on staff and a quirky looking truck that looks great on wedding photographs. Planners can work with truck vendors to provide a bespoke service like no other to make a wedding truly special.

The hottest trend in wedding catering is undoubtedly food trucks. Your Grandmother may frown upon the idea, but food truck catering is far from tacky. Instead of following traditional catering methods you can liven up your wedding by providing cheap and trendy food for your wedding guests. When we say cheap, we do not mean substandard food, we just mean tasty food made from simple ingredients—less of the fancy and more of the taste.

As your guests turn up for your wedding they will be delighted by your fancy food truck catering that will make your wedding the trendiest in town. Now, while we endorse the use of food LA food trucks, you have to remember that this is a wedding, not a fair on the street.

You can use the opportunity to introduce your friends and family to the art of street-food with an added bit of class. Wedding caterers Los Angeles can provide high-quality food at low prices that will awaken the taste buds of all of your guests.

To make sure that your food truck wedding stays a classy affair, take a look at our guidelines on how to make your big day at stylish as possible.

Keep the Menu Simple and Straightforward

There is no need for fancy food that will cost the earth, you can control your budget by choosing a streamlined venue, with the help of your food truck vendor. You will need to think of two or three dishes that you can put on so that cater to all of your guests tastes.

No Waiting by the Window

You do not want to have your guts queuing up outside of your truck, especially if it is a particularly hot day or you are unlucky to get rain. You can put chairs out in front of the truck and ask the vendor to serve in a buffet style. You can work with your vendor and the venue manager to arrange seating. Alternatively, you can ask your LA food truck vendor to put on waiting staff to bring food to your guests.

Make It Disposable

Don’t worry about formal china, go with the flow of the street food theme and use good quality disposable plates and cutlery. There are lots of cool designs on the market at the moment, so worry about your wedding looking cheap.

Form New Traditions

Your food truck wedding will be able to create a unique wedding in which you can break normal traditions in place of your personalized tradition.Why not have a cake smash rather than a tractional cutting of the wedding cake or you can even ask your wedding caterer Los Angeles to build your very own taco tower!