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How to Find the Best Taco Trucks In LA

Tacos have been an important part of the food truck menu since the ‘60s when the early loncheras fed the residents of Mexican-American neighborhoods on LA’s Eastside. It’s hard to say “no thanks” to even a basic taco if it’s made from fresh, quality ingredients. But how can you find the best taco when you’re meandering through the food truck court?

Study the menus. Check out each gourmet food trucks and review the offerings. No matter their specialty, many food trucks offer some version of a taco. If you like the faithful standby, go with the truck that doesn’t doll up its tacos. If you prefer something unique, patronize the trucks that combine different ingredients and spices.

Taste-test several products. Fortunately, tacos are a relatively inexpensive menu item, so it’s not costly to sample a single taco at several different food trucks. Try something you would normally choose, and then save room to go back for a second helping of your favorite. Better yet, bring a friend, split each taco and taste a dozen.

Ask other diner’s opinions. Stop by the taco truck with a long line of customers and a reputation for freshness, quality and service. One of those is Hang 10 Tacos, a giant blue taco truck that travels the streets of Orange County and caters all types of events and celebrations. Hang 10 Tacos cooks up the best tacos in LA, as well as carne asada, a time-honored dish made from sizzling, grilled beef, salsa and guacamole. If you want Hang 10 to cater a special event, you may choose from a diverse selection of fresh tacos and traditional dishes or go with a completely different menu. To contact the experienced foodservice professionals at Hang 10 Tacos, dial 855-5-Hang-10.

Hang 10 has two sister food trucks, both of them popular among LA food truck diners:

The Hungry Nomad offers a huge selection of healthy sandwiches and wraps made from seasonal ingredients. However, the food truck staff can customize a distinctive menu exclusively for you. Phone The Hungry Nomad at877-NOMAD-10.

Greenz on Wheelz says it all with its slogan: “Lettuce Serve You.” The truck offers the best sandwiches and freshest salads on wheels, but the Greenz foodservice team will prepare and serve any menu your catered event requires. Call Greenz on Wheelz at855-6Greenz.