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How LA Is Leading The Food Truck Revolution

With eye-catching graphics, bold menus, and colorful vendors, food trucks are attracting the residents and tourists of LA more and more each day. You can find everything from tacos to traditional hot dogs as well as some of the best desserts in the city.

Street food allows people to eat fast, filling meals to people who do not have the time to dine in formal cafes and restaurants and most of the food is very affordable. Older generations may view food trucks in Los Angeles as a negative addition to the city, with images of greasy and unhealthy food being offered to youngsters. in reality, food truck vendors are often leading the way in creating healthy dishes that offer a balance between great tastes and good nutrition. Hang 10 Tacos offers plenty of Mexican favorites, but they do not serve up story food that will simply fill you up until your next meal. Chefs are very creative and there are so many unusual dishes to taste, such as Korean tacos and Spanish influenced pizza, there really is something new to eat very day.

There are some food trucks that serve up street food from regular spots in the city and others that roam the city to find the best spots each day. Whether you hit the beaches or head downtown, you will find something very tasty to eat. LA food truck food has created a real buzz on social media and imaginative brands will use Twitter and Instagram to leave fans clues as to where they will be set up each day.

The social media game carried on as you will see foodies snapping their meals to share what they are eating with the rest of the world. This kind of buzz is essential for food truck vendors as word of mouth of mouth goes a very long way, with all vendors striving to be the best food truck catering in Los Angeles. The Hang 10 Tacos team love chatting to customers and fans on social media and we love seeing pictures of people sharing a little taco love.