Hot Dogs Star On the All-American Menu

Hot dogs are all American. They go with baseball, picnics, swimming pools and smoking grills. Born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1484, the simple hot dog made its way to the United States where it is now celebrated with its own National Hot Dog Month every July. That’s appropriate since Americans consume about 150 million wieners each July 4 alone.

LA is a mecca for hot dog lovers. Food trucks specializing in the tube-shaped treasures are everywhere. Here’s a sampling:

Downtown Dogs – Offers a wide variety of hot dog dishes, such as the Morning Commute, which links a hot dog with hardwood smoked bacon and a fried egg. The truck features a soy dog for vegetarians. It usually parks at a beach location.

The Franken Stand – This business is famous for its all-vegan hot dogs. Each dog is named for classic horror film character.

Greasy Wiener – It started as a food cart in Tucson selling deep fried hot dogs. A popular menu item is The Bomb, which includes a signature greasy wiener wrapped in hickory smoked bacon topped with homemade chili and cheese, mustard, sautéed onions and a pickle.

 Hot Shot Hot Dog – Using all-beef dogs Hot Shot Hot Dog sells The Bizness Burrito, which combines a hot dog with pastrami, chili and cheese.

 Let’s Be Frank – This bright red truck uses only locally sourced, grass-fed beef. Both franks and brats are available. The company also has umbrella-topped carts for serving the dogs.

The Wein Hot Dog Co. – This truck imports its all-beef hot dogs from NYC. Not easily missed, this food truck is the same color as the mustard that goes on its dogs.


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