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Hire A Hang 10 Tacos Food Truck For TV Commercial Prop Rental

If you are looking for background prop rentals and are on the lookout to hire a food truck Los Angeles, Hang 10 Tacos is an experienced and trusted brand that you can rely on.

We can provide the following services to cover all of your production needs:

  • LA Food truck for film advert props
  • Best Food Truck In LA for television production props
  • TV commercial food truck Los Angeles props
  • On-site cooking for filming
  • On-site cooking to cater for cast and crew
  • Catering Wrap parties
  • Food truck catering for launch parties
  • Catering for company events
  • Promotions and marketing

Filming a TV commercial can be very stressful and you are often limited on the amount of studio time, so it is essential that the props you need are in place exactly when you need them. The team at Hang 10 Tacos has a lot of experience in the LA film and TV industry so we know how a production set runs and what can go wrong. In order to make everything go smoothly, you can hire one of our food carts.

Hang 10 Tacos is a Mexican based food truck that serves up some of the best tacos in Los Angeles. The food that we serve is always made fresh on-site and is never warmed up, so you can count on great tasting food every time. Our food truck catering in Los Angeles reflects the vibrancy of our food and our brand, with bright blue trucks that will make your TV commercial look as cool as a cucumber.

LA is packed full of colorful food trucks that reflects the colorful array of food that is on offer by the talented chefs that we have in the city. If you want your TV commercial to reflect the reality of everyday life in LA then you can hire a Hang 10 Taco to make your commercial really stand out. We love being on set and helping bring the city of LA to life and we are looking for many more great production companies to work with.