Hire A Food Truck Caterer For Your Next Video Or Photo Shoot

A Hang 10 Tacos food truck deserves pride of place in TV commercials and film productions, with its bright blue exterior drawing in the crowds. Whether you need to hire a food truck for prop for a TV commercial or need authentic Mexican food serving up to your characters, we can provide a bespoke service to meet all of your production needs.

Many Southern California food trucks do much more than serve diners on the street. They cater video and photos shoots and keep crews fortified on movie sets. They can whip up the same delicious foods that they serve at catered parties or create a specific menu to meet the diners’ needs. Here are suggestions for hiring the ideal food truck to keep your crew well nourished.

Select a caterer that has experience in video or photo shoot catering. Some food truck catering crews are not familiar with union regulations, “second meals” or what happens when movie and video crew members go unfed. Ask your potential service provider how much “on location” catering he or she has done.

Select a caterer that can do most food preparation on site. Because they are professional kitchens on wheels, food trucks are ideal for preparing and serving hot meals just feet from where they’ll be served. Be sure your caterer has an adequate kitchen and refrigeration equipment to produce healthy, safe meals.

Select a caterer who knows that time is money on the set. Ask the caterer about the food truck’s reliability record. Has it ever broken down or missed a scheduled event? How often and recently has this happened? Also, ask the food truck staffers how quickly they can serve your crew.

Select a caterer that can provide your preferred menu. All food truck caterers have a set menu that they cook up and offer to customers every day. If you prefer different foods, you’ll need a food truck team that is flexible.

Select a caterer with good references. Don’t hesitate to ask a potential caterer for references you can phone. Know how well the truck’s past catering jobs went.

This trio of Southern California food trucks has plenty of experience serving movie, video and production crews with quality food in a timely manner:

The Hungry Nomad offers an extensive selection of California favorites that are influenced by Mediterranean and European cuisine. But the staff can customize a menu just for you. Contact The Hungry Nomad at877-NOMAD-10.

Greenz on Wheelz specializes in garden-fresh salads and sandwiches, but the veteran catering staff will work to provide your personal food requirements. Call Greenz at855-6Greenz.

Hang 10 Tacos creates tasty tacos made from steak, shrimp, fish, pork and BBQ. The Hang 10 team serves consumers where they work and play and will ensure catered satisfaction at your movie or production location. Call the crew at 855-5-Hang-10.