Hire A Food Truck As A Prop For Your Next Movie Or TV Show

Everyone has seen gourmet trucks on busy street corners, at food festivals and rock concerts and sometimes even catering weddings, parties and business meetings. Now food trucks are being rented by movies and TV shows as part of the set’s background or as a key prop in the storyline.

Since food trucks are an important part the modern urban landscape, it’s only natural that they become part of street scenes in filmed entertainment. And the best way to get a food truck for your movie or photo shoot is to hire one from your favorite food truck operator.

 “We are seeing more and more interest from movie and TV production companies in renting food trucks and using them as part of their sets,” said Mike Mikhail, food truck and restaurant owner. “We have rented several trucks from our fleet to various different film and TV production companies. They were used both in major scenes and in the background. Food trucks are a very contemporary type of prop a film or television show. Seeing something current – such as a food truck – helps set the scene and tell the story.”

The recently released independent film Free Samples is set at a food truck. The story covers a single day in the life of a law school dropout who passes out ice cream samples from her friend’s busy food truck. The movie demonstrates how the customers pass through her life and have an impact on her.

Another new movie, Chef, was created by actor/writer Jon Favreau and has a food truck at the heart of the story. In addition to Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., John Leguizamo and Sofia Vergara star in the tale of an unemployed chef who strives to become a successful food truck operator.

Food trucks are great at serving up delicious meals on the street or at catered events. They are equally successful serving as props for movies and TV shows. When you need a food truck for your latest production, phone Mikhail, who owns and operates three colorful vehicles. They include:

 Hang 10 Tacos is a big blue truck serving tasty tacos made from steak, shrimp, BBQ, pork or fish. There is even a vegetarian version Dial 855-5-Hang-10 to reserve Hang 10 Tacos for your film set.

Greenz on Wheelz is a green rolling restaurant whipping up serve delicious sandwiches and salads from fresh, healthy ingredients. Contact the Greenz team at855-6Greenz.

The Hungry Nomad is a wandering food truck featuring delicious Mediterranean meals with a California flare. Contact The Hungry Nomad teamat877-NOMAD-10.

And if you need delicious food on the set, these food trucks can provide that too.