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Highlights From The ‘The Great Food Truck’ Competition

Are you a big fan of The Great Food Truck competition? If so, you are not alone. This show has developed a huge following. Here are the highlights of the food trucks featured and how they did in the competition.

In the first season there were seven different food trucks:

  • Grill ‘Em All from Los Angeles, CA, had a creative name and logo that was actually inspired by American Metal Band. They served gourmet hamburgers and by using a food almost everyone enjoys took first place.
  • Nom Nom Truck from Los Angeles, CA, had an impressive business plan that focused on partnering with local business in each city they visited. With their brilliant plan and Vietnamese sandwiches and tacos they were the runner ups and took second place.
  • Spencer on the Go from San Francisco, CA, went for a more at home feel by setting up tables for their customers to sit and enjoy their meals. Their French cuisine took third place in the competition.
  • Austin Daily Press from Austin, TX, was a selfless team who supported minor league sports team. They served hot grilled sandwiches that were hand wrapped in pieces of newspapers. They were eliminated during the fourth week, taking fourth place.
  • Crepes Bonaparte from Fullerton, CA, was not the best at choosing locations. They served Parisian styled crepes which were enjoyed but their bad location didn’t get enough business so unfortunately came in at fifth place.
  • Ragin’ Cajun from Lafayette, LA didn’t have a long journey in the first season. They served Cajun food and were the second to be eliminated taking sixth place.
  • Nana Queens from Culver City, CA, had a unique gimmick and attracted customers by dressing as bananas. Unfortunately their risky business plan and oddly chosen specialties of banana pudding and chicken wings made them the first to be eliminated.

The second season had a total of eight teams:

  • The Lime Truck from Orange County, CA, had a classic beach feel and served common beach cuisine so customers could always have a little bit of beach on the go. They took first place in the second season of The Great Food Race.
  • Hodge Podge from Cleveland, OH, was quite lucky during the end of the competition. With their grab-bag comfort foods they placed second.
  • Roxy’s Grilled Cheese from Boston, MA, ran out of luck during the sixth week. Their gourmet grilled cheese came in third place.
  • Korilla BBQ from New York, NY, did nothing to prove that the stereotypes about New Yorkers cheating was wrong. Their Korean grill and barbecue was disqualified in the fifth week of the competition after they were caught cheating by adding $2700 of money from their own pockets to their cash box.
  • Seabirds from Orange County, CA, served vegan food and even though it isn’t as popular as some would like they survived four weeks of the competition taking fifth place.
  • Cafe Con Leche from Van Nuys, CA, didn’t have the best business skills but with their Cuban cuisine and coffee made it to sixth place.
  • Devilicious from San Diego, CA, learned a lesson after a promotion gone wrong. They served a self-described “twisted” comfort food and with that came in seventh.
  • Sky Gourmet Tacos from Los Angeles, CA, didn’t have the best mechanics and with their Mexican/soul fusion cuisine came in last place.

Be sure to watch the exciting new season coming soon to Food Network. It will feature eight new trucks, eight new food specialties and a whole new set of challenges for the food trucks to overcome on their journey to become the champion of The Great Food Race.