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Taco Truck Catering

Have a Fun Experience Taco Bar Catering At Your House

You can hire Hang 10 Tacos taco bar catering services for events of all kinds. If you are planning a birthday party, wedding, awards ceremony or a wrap part, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

If you like to have your friends and family around to your house for special celebrations and you are looking for something new when it comes to catering, you should look to one of the many food trucks in Los Angeles. Food truck catering at your home is a trend that is taking off as more and more people decide to hold their wedding or wedding party in their house. With this in mind, a taco bar catering can elevate your big day from good to GREAT.

A food truck wedding is cost effective and lots of fun—you can never be accused of being boring! If you like tacos, Hang 10 Tacos can come along and bring a fun taco bar catering bar to your chosen home. Once you have decided to hire a food truck for your wedding, you can set about designing your menu and thinking about how best to serve your guests.

Hang 10 Tacos can call your venue of choice, if you are hiring a room rather than having your party at home, to discuss where it is best to park our food truck and how best to serve your guests—from the truck or at a standard table, it is up to you. If you are worried, don’t be as we know exactly what do to.

Wherever you choose to have your food truck catering wedding we can set up a tasty taco bar that will allow your guests to tell us exactly what they want on their plate or, even better, they can help themselves. You can tell us what ingredients you want us to bring to your event and you can guarantee that they will be of the highest quality. Whatever you choose you can be assured that we will have a superb selection of authentic Mexican goodies with us, including tacos, wraps, meats, veggies, toppings, sauces and side dishes.

Hang 10 Tacos have many years of experience in the food truck Los Angeles business and we will be proud to cater for your and your spouse to be on your special day.