Hang 10 Tacos: One Of The Best Movie Catering Companies In LA

Whether you are filming in Pasadena, Hollywood, or Glendale, Hang 10 Tacos is one of the leading movie catering companies in the food truck industry. Our food trucks rental is available for any length of time that you need, whether it be for catering for a hungry crew or making your LA streets based movie look authentic.

Food Truck Hire for Film Production Catering in Los Angeles

If you want you movie to be the best then you hire the best staff and keep them happy! Good pay is one things but you also need to provide great food to keep them going on a busy shoot. Hang 10 Tacos serves high-quality Mexican and Tex-Mex style food that caters for all tastes and dietary requirements.  We can serve individual dishes from our food truck or we can lay on a taco truck bar so that your crew can help themselves during break and lunchtime.

Our catering services are available day and night and we can arrange out of hours services if you need to film through the night.

Catering for Movie Sets

Hang 10 Tacos food trucks are not just for catering for film shoots, we can actually cook authentic street food for your set. Food trucks are a way of life for many LA residents and tourists, with regular trips being made throughout the week. As a hotbed for the street food scene, LA is often packed full of vibrant communities that come together to share their love of food. To ensure that your movie looks realistic when filming on the streets of LA, you can hire out truck to park up on set for a true City of Angels feel. If your script involves your cast eating street food then we can make up some of our delicious dishes to feature in your movie.

Call Hang 10 Tacos today and make your catering services Oscar worthy.