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Baby Shower Catering

Hang 10 Tacos Baby Shower Catering

Baby showers are very popular throughout LA with friends and family organizing events for their loved once and future family members. Some baby showers are held at home and in the garden and others are a fancy affair in a hotel or restaurant.

Food Truck Catering Baby Shower Catering

If you are looking for something different from the norm when it comes to baby shower catering then street food is the way forward. Street food is a fun way to cater for events and as there is so many people having babies, choosing a food truck to attend for your baby shower catering brings out the fun side of you. A food truck offers a relaxed atmosphere in which guests can gather to chat, play games, think of baby names and eat a ton of tasty tacos.

Baby Shower Taco Bar

If you want to have truly unique baby shower catering you can hire Hang 10 Tacos to put on a taco bar. A taco bar is a great way to get your party guests involved in the food preparation process as they can get hands-on making their own food. We will provide a heap of tasty tacos that can then be filled with your favorite meats, veggies, salads and sauces. Nobody is left out when you bore Hang 10 Tacos baby shower catering as we can design a bespoke menu so that any guests with dietary requirements are catered for.

Great Value for Money

If you are worried about the cost of your baby shower catering then try not to worry as food truck catering is very reasonable. Once you have booked a date with us you can set your budgets and we can aim to stay as close to that budget as possible without scrimping on quality.

If you want to hire Hang 10 Tacos for your baby shower catering then call Hang 10 Tacos today and we can arrange to spice up your party with our delicious food.