“Great American Food Truck Race” Returns To The Road And LA Teams Are There

Once again the Food Network’s “Great American Food Truck Race” has taken to the road. In season four of the reality program, eight ambitious cooking teams are competing with each other for a chance to win their own new food truck.

Once again, Chef Tyler Florence hosts the show as the teams travel more than 4,000 miles between California and the nation’s capital preparing foods with non-traditional ingredients and trying to generate sales at every stop.
This year’s contestants include two teams from Los Angeles – Bowled and Beautiful and the Aloha Plate, which also operates in Hawaii. To apply for the show, each team submitted a video tape of themselves preparing food and elaborating on their plans for a food truck operation. Finalists use a Food Network truck during the contest and must adhere to a limited budget and strict rules throughout the contest.

As the “Great American Food Truck Race” demonstrates, running a successful food truck and serving perfect dishes to hundreds of people each day is not easy. For many viewers who would like to own a food truck, the show demonstrates how food truck operators must work hard to succeed, manage costs, confront unexpected obstacles and generate a profit.

The Los Angeles area is heaven for food trucks, and many are caterers too, serving events of all sizes. The next time you need an experienced food truck team to bring you sandwiches or salads on wheels, serve your party guests, feed your bridal party, nourish your business colleagues or make your grand opening even grander, call on one of our experienced food truck teams.

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