Going To The Chapel With A Food Truck

One of the major wedding trends today is scheduling a food truck to serve wedding guests. This can be at the wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid luncheon, bridal shower, bachelor or bachelor party or any celebration at the bride’s home.

Veteran food truck operators can supply everything a bride needs except the groom. A good truck can provide food and beverages, chairs, tables, silverware, wait staff and bartenders. When planning a wedding, you also need to consider the food that the bridal party on the day of the ceremony.

Wedding preparation is stressful. The bridal party and family members must deal with last-minute decorating chores, clothing and makeup preparation. The groomsmen and friends are trying on their tuxes and trying to remember where they put the rings. Pre-wedding food is important because it helps keep everyone energized and in a good mood.

Here are suggestions for serving healthy, easy-to-manage meals to the wedding party:

  • Make sure everyone has a healthy breakfast. Serve quality breakfast foods – including some protein – to everyone.
  • Hydration is important, so provide beverages, especially water, all day long. Avoid that glass or two of champagne until the reception in order to feel your best during the ceremony.
  • Shun salty or fried foods, and avoid anything that could stain hands or discolor clothing, such as juices.
  • Ensure munchies available all day long. Platters of vegetables, fruits and cheese are ideal. Meaty sandwiches and casseroles will keep blood sugar levels stable.

Pre-wedding food preparation does not need to be an added chore on your big day. Take a tip from the movie producers and TV production companies. Hire a gourmet food truck to ensure that everyone on the team is well fed. A truck brings a professional kitchen with refrigeration equipment directly to you and leaves your own kitchen clean and tidy.

Our gourmet food trucks will make your big celebration extra special. Contact The Hungry Nomad (877-NOMAD-10), Hang 10 Tacos (855-5-Hang-10) and Greenz on Wheelz (855-6Greenz). We can bring sandwiches and salads on wheels to your location or serve a lavish, sit-down dinner complete with tables, silverware and waiters.

Each truck is staffed with an experienced foodservice team that will provide you with high-quality, memorable meals and snacks made from the freshest ingredients. We will work closely with you to make your wedding dreams come true while staying within your budget.When you want the best possible cuisine, give us a call. It would be our privilege to be part of your special day.