April 27 2013 0Comment

Food Trucks: On the Road Again With Healthy Cuisine

Once upon a time, a truck loaded with eat-on-the-street food was either a musical ice cream van or a “roach coach” selling stale sandwiches and room temperature soft drinks. Consumers were often wary of these vendors and the cleanliness of their vehicles. But the meals-on-wheels concept has changed, thanks to a new generation of food trucks and the demand for quality from foodies in high-density areas, such as LA.

Today’s food truck is a roaming restaurant featuring high-quality cuisine made in a healthy environment. All food must be stored, prepared and served in proper conditions to protect the health of consumers.

Every truck that operates in LA County must have a health permit. It must be approved by county inspectors before it goes out on the road. Even after that initial examination, inspectors will visit each truck on the street to ensure it is clean and following food safety regulations. Every approved vehicle can be identified by a numbered, dated sticker attached to the truck.

But it doesn’t stop with a health permit. The county health department also requires that a certified food handler be part of every food truck operation. A food handler is certified after taking an approved food safety course and passing a test.

Among the health-conscious food trucks serving LA County are The Hungry Nomad, Hang 10 Tacos and Greenz on Wheelz.

The Hungry Nomad menu includes a wide selection of classic California offerings, with a hint of Mediterranean cuisine. The big blue Hang 10 Tacos truck delivers the tastiest tacos this side of the border and features flavors ranging from steak and shrimp to BBQ, fish and pork. Meanwhile, Greenz on Wheelz whips up delicious sandwiches and crisp salads made from the freshest ingredients.

The quality of LA’s food truck network continues to improve because of operators like these. Thanks to outstanding menu offerings and good health-and-sanitation practices, LA foodies will continue to enjoy superior street food where they live, shop, play and work.