Food Trucks Head Off For College

Food trucks are the hottest trend in creative cuisine, and that’s true even on college campuses nationwide. In fact, some alumni are taking their food truck operations back to their alma maters.

 At Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, Chef Tai Lee’s Mobile Bistro has become a campus favorite thanks to the chef’s globally inspired cuisine. An A&M graduate, Chef Tai wanted to offer a street-food experience that was both unique and budget friendly.

 Last year at BowdoinCollege in Maine, undergraduates Steve Borukhin, Eric Edelman and Isaac Brower opened Campus Food Trucks, Inc. after working closely with school administrators to get necessary approvals. The trio hopes to expand the business to other college campuses in the future.

But many universities want to keep that dining revenue at home, and several have introduced their own meals-on-wheels eateries. In fact, nearly 100 colleges now have food truck programs, according to the National Association of College and University Food Services. That’s up from about a dozen trucks only five years ago.

At the University of California in Riverside, the school’s dining department created the Culinary Chameleon, a vivid green vehicle with a rotating menu. The director of residential dining believes most students don’t realize it’s a campus operation since it doesn’t promote its ties to the university.

For a while, students at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa enjoyed Cajun-style food from a mobile restaurant that had permission to park on campus. But the truck was eventually ejected from the premises by officials who then announced plans to roll out La Lola Loca, a university food truck serving BBQ and specialty dishes.

The University of Washington operates three food trucks—Hot Dawgs, Motosurf and Red Square BBQ – and doesn’t permit independent food trucks on campus. However a few schools, like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, allow limited access to approved trucks and charge the operators a flat parking rate.

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