Food Trucks For Rent

Food trucks are rolling kitchens that specialize in serving hot or cold meals anywhere – even in remote locations. Combining commercial equipment with an experienced, hard-working crew, food trucks can serve thousands of people a day without compromising quality, sanitation or customer service.

But you don’t have to own a food truck to operate one. Some food truck owners will rent their trucks to corporations or professionals that want to do food demos, sample products to the public, showcase an upcoming event or try operating a food truck before seriously investing in the business.

There are few great cooks who haven’t considered opening a restaurant or bistro featuring their personal recipes. For most, the financial demands of a bricks-and-mortar restaurant are out of the question, but operating a food truck is a career possibility. Depending on your area of the country, the cost of owning and operating a food truck will vary, but investing $60,000 or more is easy to do. While the initial start-up cost is lower than opening a sit-down restaurant, the food truck business has its own challenges, including different permits required by each municipality in which the truck operates. Renting a food truck to determine how well the business suits you is a great way to give it a try without the major initial investment.

Renting a food truck to promote a product, service or event is becoming popular among trendy companies and manufacturers. E&J Gallo Winery recently launched a new brand of tequila, Familia Camarena, and gave away tacos from a food truck. Victoria’s Secret introduced a new Soho store in Manhattan with a food truck on hand to entice guests. ESPN parked food trucks, complete with video screens and putting greens, outside of popular bars to tout the network’s golfing coverage.

Food truck promotions can:

  • Attract thousands of people daily
  • Wrap rented trucks with logos and advertising to garner attention
  • Travel anywhere, allowing marketers to target consumer by areas of the city
  • Collect thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook
  • Be especially effective at live events
  • Be reported in blogs and mainstream media

We have a fleet of popular Los Angeles-area food trucks that are available for rent. The Hungry Nomad team can be reached877-NOMAD-10. Our big blue taco truck, Hang 10 Tacos, is available by calling 855-5-Hang-10, and to contact our giant green bistro, Greenz on Wheelz, phone 855-6Greenz.