Food Truck Promos: Wrap It Up And We’ll Take

Food trucks do a lot more than feed hungry people where they live and work. Some actually serve as promotional vehicles (no pun intended) for new products and services. Often this includes a custom truck wrap, or graphic, to make it appealing to the promotion’s target audience. A colourful, vinyl wrap turns the food truck into a mobile billboard, carrying its message to thousands of potential customers.20121201_190128

Michael Mikhail owns a fleet of Southern California food trucks. He has worked with production companies, manufacturers, wholesalers and advertising agencies to promote products and programs. Recently, one of his food trucks was custom wrapped to generate interest in Doomsday Preppers, a National Geographic TV series about Americans who take extreme measures to prepare for national emergencies. In addition, Mikhail is often hired to distribute name-brand products or food samples from his trucks.

Here are some reasons that companies such as Coca-Cola, Target and Nike use vehicle graphics on food trucks to advertise their products:

Food truck promos can attract several thousand people in a single day.

  • In addition to showcasing a brand, food trucks can distribute thousands of samples or products per day.
  • The trucks can travel almost anywhere in a city, allowing advertisers to target their audience by city parts.
  • Wrapped trucks, especially those sampling products, are ideal billboards at festivals, store launches and other special events that draw large crowds.

“There are different ways of doing food truck promotions,” Mikhail explained. “A company can take a food truck and wrap any part – or all of it – with graphics and logos. The cost of the truck wrap depends on the amount of service area covered, the custom design and the complexity of the installation.”

Whether supporting a national advertising campaign or a local promotion, “We are the experts at doing this,” he said. “We have advertised and distributed food and beverages on behalf of many well-known brands, including Disney and Nike. We know how to make a positive, lasting impression.”

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