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Food Truck Parking

Wouldn’t it be nice if your favorite food truck was always nearby when you needed them for a delicious meal? Well, you might just be able to make that happen. It is actually harder than you think to find a great food truck parking spot. That is why if you know of a great parking spot for your favorite food truck you need to contact them and let them know about it.

Food Trucks That Love to Hear Your Food Truck Parking Suggestions

Many food trucks are all ears when it comes to great food truck parking. Some of the food trucks that would love to hear from you include the following:

So, if you are in the Los Angeles area and have a great food truck parking spot contact these popular food trucks at the links above. They would be more than happy to hear your suggestions. But first, you may be wondering what makes a great food truck parking spot. Here are a few tips on what makes a great parking spot for your favorite food truck.

What Makes a Great Food Truck Parking Location?

  • Easy access for customers
  • A popular area that will serve a number of customers
  • A safe place for both the food truck, traveling vehicles, and pedestrians
  • It has to be a legal option for the food truck
  • The space has to have a good flow of traffic and must not inhibit the flow of traffic in any way

These are just a few tips on great food truck parking spots. It obviously needs to be a location that has lots of customers that would enjoy the type of food that the food truck is offering. Contact your favorite food truck today and let them know where you would like to see them next.  You never know, they may choose your food truck parking spot next!

No matter whether you prefer California food with a hint of Mediterranean, delicious tacos, or the healthy option like Greenz on Wheelz has to offer – there is a food truck option for you.