Food Truck Etiquette: Manners Matter

With the number of food trucks on the streets today, it won’t be long before you’re dining at one, if you haven’t already. Food trucks provide a relaxed and economical way to dine out. And if you’re not yet aware of them, here are the previously unwritten rules of the food truck game:

  1. Use social media. Most food trucks have Twitter and Facebook accounts that they update regularly. This system allows foodies to follow individual food truck schedules. If you want to cruise an array of food trucks, show up at a park or festival so you can experiment with the various cuisines.
  2. Chill. Expect to stand in line to place your order, and then step away from the food truck to await your food. This may take a little time depending on how busy the food truck is that day, but this is part of your food truck adventure. Don’t get impatient or whiney. Don’t save a place in line for your friend.
  3. Condiments and Other Stuff. Get condiments, napkins and eating utensils from the food truck where you made your food purchase. Don’t expect freebees from trucks you didn’t patronize.
  4. Carry cash. Many food truck operators don’t accept credit or debit cards, so be sure to have enough cash in your wallet to pay for your meal.
  5. Make your food decision in a timely manner. The food truck’s menu will be posted near the window where you order. Know what you want before you step up to the window. If it’s your turn to order and you need time to peruse the menu, let the person behind you go ahead of you.

This trio of LA food trucks is famous for serving delicious food and catering fabulous parties: The Hungry Nomad, Hang 10 Tacos and Greenz on Wheelz.

An in-demand Southern California food truck, The Hungry Nomad offers a versatile menu, but the staff is flexible and can plan a party menu exclusively for your guests.

The blue Hang 10 Tacos truck has a smiling staff that serves tasty tacos made from fresh ingredients. Hang 10 Tacos has an extensive background catering large groups and can make your party a big success.

Greenz on Wheelz says “Lettuce Serve You” crisp salads and yummy sandwiches. And if you want something unique for vegetarian or vegans or even for 6-year-olds who don’t like fresh green dishes, that can be arranged too. The green Greenz on Wheelz food truck gives you added value for the money.

             The Hungry Nomad at877-NOMAD-10

             Hang 10 Tacos at 855-5-Hang-10

            Greenz on Wheelz at855-6Greenz