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Taco Truck Catering

Food Truck Consulting

If you are in the event planning industry and you are looking to add food truck consulting vendors to your books, it may be worth chatting to a food truck consultant so that you have the full process covered and you are not left exposed. Most LA food trucks are very affordable so you have time to research different vendors that will suit your needs rather than running the risk of being disappointed by saying yes to the first business you approach. Food truck catering in Los Angeles is big business and while food trucks are easy enough to arrange for an event there are certain factors that you need to consider.

Factors to consider when hiring food truck catering Los Angeles

  • Understanding the entire process from having a food truck consulting vendor on your books to choosing a menu and ensuring that insurance is in place
  • Understanding how to work with your budget and how payments between clients and vendors will work
  • Establishing the 3 modes of food truck operation: daily vending, catering and special events and general catering
  • Marketing your events
  • Social media promotion
  • On the day event management
  • Arranging ‘add-ons’ such as seating arrangements and accessories to tie in with an event theme

Whether you work in film production and are looking for a film set catering menu or you are wanting to hire a food truck Los Angeles brand for your next movie launch, you can speak with your local food truck vendor to discuss exactly what they can and cannot do for you. It is possible to draw up short or long-term contracts with food truck vendors so that you always have catering on set or you may just want the opportunity to hire a food truck as a prop for one of your sets.