Food Truck Catering In Los Angeles

  1. Hang 10 Tacos is more than a food truck. Hang 10 Tacos, food truck catering, creating delicious meals on site at distinctive events across Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. While Hang 10 is famous for tremendous tacos, we also can create most any catered menu you desire. Need to rent chairs, tables and linens? We’ve got you covered. Want suggestions for a band, DJ or photographer. No problem. Prefer a dessert party buffet or steak dinner? We do it all. Let food truck catering bring your special event to life.
  2. Life Celebrations: Although you see the blue Hang 10 Tacos food truck catering on the street, Hang 10 is regularly invited to cater weddings, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, corporate lunches, employee appreciation events, rehearsal dinners, school reunions and charity galas. Whether you are going Hollywood (literally … we frequently cater movie sets and TV productions) or prefer a bountiful buffet in the privacy of your backyard, Hang 10 Tacos is the food truck caterer that gets the job done – deliciously – and leaves everyone smiling.
  3. Office Parties / Corporate Events:The next time you plan a corporate awards dinner, intimate business lunch, a breakfast meeting or employee seminar, call Hang 10 Tacos, the food truck caterer that takes catering to a new level. Forget old-fashioned, stuffy corporate meals. Our food truck is a catering gourmet on wheels. We’ll arrive promptly at your venue and prepare your meal on site. With a food truck caterer like Hang 10 Tacos just outside your door, your guests receive only the best.
  4. Movie & Television Production:Our Hang 10 Tacos food truck should be in the movies. Or at least catering to the Los Angeles movie sets and TV production crews. Hang 10’s food truck caterers know all the mandatory union rules, when to cook and when to serve. We do catering right to ensure that everyone is happy and well nourished.
  5. Grand Openings: It’s grand to celebrate the opening of new stores, schools, apartment buildings, hospitals and service providers. To draw a big crowd, call on a gourmet food truck caterer, and keep them on site by serving yummy catered munchies. Hang 10 Tacos is a Los Angeles food truck caterer that can prepare full meals or delicious appetizers. What better way to celebrate a new business than noshing a few tacos?
  6. Sporting Events:Hang 10 Tacos food truck is a Gold Medal winner when it comes to catering sporting events. Whether catering a kids’ soccer game, public school track meet or Super Bowl party, Hang 10 Tacos can provide concession catering, festival catering or lavish you with special attention at your own private party. Ask some of our catering clients how well our food truck has solved their dining needs. Catered food truck food scores big, especially when Hang 10 is at the finish line.
  7. Church Events:Give thanks for the Hang 10 Taco food truck, which provides quality food truck catering 7 days a week. Planning a church social? Call Hang 10 Tacos to schedule a top-quality buffet catered at your church or other venue. Prefer a meal other than tacos? No worries. We can customize any catering order to your specifications. We promise it will taste heavenly.
  8. School Fundraisers:The Hang 10 Tacos food truck has helped schools throughout LA raise money for needed equipment and supplies. By placing our food truck on the school parking lot at dinner time, Hang 10 Tacos provides food truck catering to busy parents while supporting students and sharing the proceeds with the school. Call us to discuss school fund-raising catering.
  9. Block Parties:Make the next neighborhood block party easy on yourself and your neighbors. Call a Los Angeles food truck caterer to feed everyone. Hang 10 Tacos will arrive on your street and cook fresh, hot foods at the scene. It’s easy, effortless and simply delicious. Gourmet food truck catering … it’s the new home-cooking.
  10. Birthdays:The next time you host a birthday party, be a guest at your own celebration. Call on a gourmet food truck caterer – such as Hang 10 Tacos – to whip up fresh, fabulous party fare at your location. Hang 10 is a leading Los Angeles food truck and can supply the birthday cake and ice cream, if you desire. You’ll rest easy when a food truck caterer has your back.
  11. Weddings: If you want a joyous wedding – without outrageous expenses – choose food truck catering. Delicious food truck food will make your guests happy and your event both memorable and trendy. Hang 10 Tacos can serve 50 to 70 wedding guests at one time and at lower price than that charged by a traditional caterer. Find out how a food truck caterer can help you start your new life together
  12. Product Promotion:Food trucks do more than feed hungry people. Some food trucks actually double as roaming billboards, promoting products and taking product samples and messaging directly to the public. Food, fashion or entertainment – all is fair game for a food truck promotion. Hang 10 Tacos is one Los Angeles food truck that has helped production companies, manufacturers, product promoters, PR and ad agencies introduce new products and services. Let us roll out your product promotion to the public.

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