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Food Truck Catering

Food Truck Catering Solutions For Your Next Summer Bash

Hang 10 Tacos is the leading food truck catering service in L.A.. Make your summer bash experience complete with this friendly taco crew. Offering high quality, fresh, and crisp ingredients every time. Perfectly refreshing ingredients for all those long summer days.

This food truck catering service is raising the bar for taco trucks across the nation. Bringing high quality Mexican food right to you and your event. Organizing food and dining for your event has never been so convenient before. Take advantage of this outstanding food truck catering service this summer.

While Hang 10 Taco’s specializes in delicious taco artistry they are fully open to catering your desired menu. You want a certain type of fish, meant, or veggie they will make it happen for you. Hang 10 will also cater to your sweet tooth they believe desert is just as important as the main meal. Their outstanding customer service doesn’t stop there, they offer last minute party favors. Such as; seating arrangements, music entertainment, and photographers. There is nothing this food truck catering service doesn’t do for you.

Hang 10 Taco’s menu resembles their top notch customer service. they have many different taco options that can be made specifically to your taste buds. They offer chicken, pork, scallops, and steak. You can also choose between a crisp lettuce leaf or a tortilla for the foundation of your taco. Offering more than just tacos they serve, quesadilla’s, burritos, and salads. All items on menu can be dressed with mild or hot sauce to satisfy all your tastes buds.

This food truck catering service is one-of-a-kind in authentic Mexican food, and incredible customer service. You can throw the best party of the year this summer with Los Angeles’ leading food truck catering service, Hang 10 Tacos. The only food truck catering service that caters to all your party needs!