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Taco Bar Catering

Food Truck Catering Production Prop Rental With Hang 10 Tacos

If you work in the Los Angeles film and TV industry you will be aware of the need to have a reliable food truck catering brand at hand for prop rental. Food truck catering in Los Angeles is integral to everyday life in LA with many trucks being found on almost every main street in the city. The city’s love of street food is not set to be going away anytime soon and the food lovers in the city cannot get enough.

If you are looking for a food truck Los Angeles for you next TV or film production then Hang 10 Tacos is the brand for you. We are one of the best food truck brands in the city, with our innovative menus, funky looking truck and awesome customer service. We have many years of experience in the LA catering industry and we understand the stresses and strains of those in the film industry so we can assure you that working with us will be plain sailing.

Hiring a food truck as a prop will allow your TV or film production to reflect true LA life with streets shots looking authentic as they are dotted with food trucks. For close up shots we can prepare food on set for you to use and are happy to cater to your every need. Our dedicated team of food truck for Los Angeles catering chefs will be able to prepare enough food so that you can have plenty of takes and it can be made to be fully edible for authenticity.

Our range of rental packages are very competitive and you will be surprised at the great value for money that we offer. If you are only shooting a short TV commercial or a photo shoot and need a short-term rental we are happy to oblige and the same goes for those who require long-term rentals for long filming requirements.

Secure your booking with Hang 10 Tacos today and allow your audience into the wonderful world of LA street food life—you will not be disappointed.