Food Truck Becomes An Independent Film’s Main Movie Set

Finally, food truck has made it to the silver screen as the main set for a new independent film called “Free Samples.”

Shot in Austin, Texas, “Free Samples” tells the story of Jillian (Jess Weixler from the TV series The Good Wife), a Stanford law school dropout, who agrees to fill in for her friend who works at “Mike’s Dream,” an ice cream truck parked in a vacant lot.

The indie focuses on one eventful day at the food truck, where Jillian hands out samples of soft-serve ice cream to passers-by. Actor Jesse Eisenberg plays a guy who is attracted to her and wants to take her on a date. Tippi Hedren, now 83, portrays an aging actress who stops by to enjoy a free sample and dispense wisdom. Other stars are Halley Feiffer and Jason Ritter.

“Free Samples,” written by Jim Beggarly and directed by Jay Gammi, was recently released and is receiving good reviews. Check it out.

While our three LA food trucks have never been the entire set for a movie, we are stars in our own right. You may see us parked outside a theater dispensing yummy street food or catering to the crew on a movie set.

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