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Movie Set Catering

Experience The Best Movie Set Catering With Hang 10 Tacos

Food trucks in Los Angeles have been a trend for many years and the excitement for street food does not look to be going anywhere soon. Of course, there are lots of great restaurants and cafes in town, but freshly made street food it what really sets the LA for scene out from the rest of the country. If you are in the movie business then catering for movie sets is something that you need to think about. Hang 10 Tacos offers the best movie set catering in Hollywood and we would love to come and be a part of your production.

Fresh Ingredients Provided by our Food Truck Rental

One of the main reasons that food truck catering is so popular on film sets is that food can be made fresh and on demand rather than being left out for hours like traditional buffets. Hang 10 Tacos is a popular street food truck in the Altadena, Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, and  Hollywood and can travel anywhere in the LA area. Our ingredients are sourced locally and prepared fresh for you each day. We can provide movie catering for your crew at any time of the day and night and can attend for long or short term contracts.

Make your Movie Set Stand Out

As well as providing affordable food truck catering for your crew, Hang 10 Tacos has an awesome food truck for you to use on set. If your movie is set in LA then you want the production to look as authentic as possible and you can’t walk down a street in the city without walking past a food truck.  Whether it be an outside shoot on the streets of LA or close-up food scenes for you story line, Hang 10 can cater for all of your requirements.

With a number of years in the movie catering industry, you can rely on us to help your production go smoothly.