Eight Valuable Things Food Trucks Will Do For You

Food trucks are on the street in busy urban streets, at rock festivals and sporting events, at weddings and business meetings and even in suburban and rural neighborhoods. Food trucks are the latest, greatest way to enjoy a meal or a delicious snack. The LA area is home to hundreds of these rolling restaurants, and while you may not have considered this, they can provide many benefits.

  1. Food trucks provide an easy way to try unique foods and ingredients without investing in an expensive restaurant meal.
  2. Food trucks can cater your private party for a reasonable price compared to bricks-and-mortar catering service.
  3. Food trucks offer set menus when serving food at street locations but can create exclusive menus for catering clients.
  4. Food trucks can showcase new products and services throughout Southern California. This is especially valuable when the truck is wrapped in a colorful vinyl graphic featuring the product and logo.
  5. Food trucks support product launches by distributing samples in busy areas.
  6. Food trucks help your favorite movies get to the silver screen by feeding the crews working on the movie set.
  7. Food trucks often park near other food trucks, creating an informal food court and a trendy social “scene.”
  8. Food trucks go where you are and keep you updated by promoting their current parking spots on Facebook and Twitter.
  9. Food truck food is usually a good value for the money.

Three well-known food trucks often seen on LA streets are:

  • Greenz on Wheelz, the best salad truck that serves the freshest salads on wheels, as well as delicious sandwiches and Number One wraps. As always, the staff can add other items to your menu, if you desire.
  • The Hungry Nomad, a popular rolling restaurant that frequently caters movie sets and photo shoots, as well as meetings, parties and sporting events.
  • Hang 10 Tacos, a big blue truck offering a selection of tasty tacos and the freshest dishes on the street and at parties and celebrations.

To enjoy the benefits of these favorite food trucks, contact Greenz on Wheelz at 855-6Greenz, The Hungry Nomad at877-NOMAD-10, or Hang 10 Tacos at855-5-Hang-10.

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